Permaculture is a set of principles and ethics that guide people through a  design process to create human built landscapes that are more energy efficient & environmentally sound by mimicking some important concepts found in natural ecosysstems.

I’ve co-founded an international permaculture consulting firm that specializes in re-designing sustainable supply chains.  Read more at

Permaculture helps farmers and others look at creating a more sustainable and functional system that provides for food, fiber, energy, culture, fodder, building materials, medicines and just about everything else we all need with the least amount of work and imported resources.  It’s fun and beautiful, and is something I’ve been learning more and more about since I saw a presentation about how permaculture design has been used by my teacher, Geoff Lawton and others to “green the desert”.

To watch a video about “Greening the desert”

see:Greening the Desert

Geoff has a wonderful online PDC as well as many fantastic videos on his website

To learn more bout your finances and permaculture,

do an internet  search on “financial permaculture” or watch this video:


To find perennial vegetable plants and trees in MA, see these  sites:

Food Forest Farm

Triple Brook Farm


Edible Forest