Sorry if some of these links have expired.  I don’t check through these often enough.  Someday I will have time to organize them, for now they serve as a parking lot of things I want to keep track of.

Costa’s Garden Odyssey:

Formidable Vegetable Sound System:

Global Gardener, 1991, ABC 120mins. 4 parts, Permaculture in the Tropics, Arid Permaculture, Cool Climate Permaculture, Urban Permaculture

The man who planted trees, 1987, (no idea if this is a breach of copyright…)

Reverence for Bees:

Pam Warhurst Ted Talk, 2012:

Gardening Australia, ABC

PermacultureVoices Youtube channel:

Toby Hemenway, Redesigning Civilisation with Permaculture:

Zaytuna Farm Tour, 2012 and part 2/update

Not necessarily Permaculture:

Chasing Ice, 2012

Earthships: self sustaining homes…, Kirsten Dirksen

We the Tiny House People (Documentary) Kirsten Dirksen

Gasland, 2010.  Josh Fox

For folks with a mobile device, there’s a “Permaculture” app available from SmartMedia or AppMedia, that links to a collection of really great videos available across the web. It also aggregates a few blogs, information on PDCs, and some other fun things that keep you up to date on Permaculture happenings: * My all-time favorite TV series is the BBC’s “Historic Farm” series, including: Tales from the Green Valley, Farm Life from the 1600s in England: * Victorian Farm (Not available online, as the BBC America is purchasing the rights.) * Edwardian Farm: * Wartime Farm: * and Tudor Monastery Farm: * These cover historic farming techniques, natural building, appropriate technologies, herbalism… Great stuff. Two of my favorite films aren’t directly Permaculture-themed, but certainly related: Juliette of the Herbs, the biography of a very inspiring woman: “One of the main purposes of a having a garden is your garden is your teacher and your friend.” And for those who enjoy a more intuitive side of nature and “reading the landscape,” one of my favorite movies is “In Search of Fairies,” which is a modern skeptic’s gentle and open-minded exploration of his cultural beliefs. * If you enjoy these films, consider purchasing the moves to support the film-makers and share the with friends and family.

The Global Gardener


To understand Keyline Design -Darren Doherty Keyline at the Beach, this is part one and two in a series, watch all of them a broad acre design walk through by DD

Compost heated shower

The Amazing Power of Sugar Palm a TED talk by Willie Smits of the Borneo Orangutan Society – a feasible permaculture solution to climate change


Greening the Desert Part II final Geoff Lawton

An Inconvenient Truth (trailer)

I recommend watching any youtube videos by Geoff or by Bill Mollison,
will learn a lot.

Introduction to Permaculture

part 1.

Introduction to Permaculture part 2

Reviewing Zones

Harvesting Water the Swale Plume DVD

To review the 18 day Berkley Thermophilic “hot” compost method:

Compost Tea – Panya Project

Favorite Permaculture Videos

Geoff Lawton Greening the Desert
Geoff Lawton turns dry desert near the Dead Sea into a food producing green landscape using water harvesting.

Permaculture Water Harvesting
Geoff Lawton founding Director of the Permaculture Research Institute talks about Permaculture Water Harvesting techniques, swales and sillways.

David Holmgren on the Endurance of Suburbia
David Holmgren speaks of his vision of a radically retrofitted, food producing suburbia.

Homegrown Revolution Radical Change Taking Root
A family living in Pasadena, CA shows how it is possible to grow your food in the middle of the city.

Permaculture in Austria
Austria’s Sepp Holzer transformed a fir farm into a commercially viable, ecologically sound farm.

Dryland Permaculture Strategies – Part 1 & 2
Bill Mollison speaks about Dryland Permaculture Systems.

Bill Mollison Talks About his Garden (Global Gardener – Tropics)
Bill Mollison gives us a tour of his garden and explains why living in a permaculture home puts one in the position to travel and teach others.

Temperate permaculture pt 1 the global gardener
Bill Mollison’s Global Gardener series on Temperate Climate

NYC Gardens Urban Permaculture 1 (Bill Mollison – Global Gardener)
Bill Mollison tours a few sustainable gardens in NYC

Jean Pain – English – Part 1 & 2
Jean Pain developed a compost based bio energy system that produced 100% of his energy needs.

Claude William Genest on PBS
Actor turned permaculturist interviewed on PBS during his run for Green Party Deputy Leader in Canada, speaking about Permaculture.

Creating a Graywater System
Trathen Heckman takes us on a step-by-step tour of how to make a safe, ecological and legal suburban home graywater system.

Building a Composting Toilet
A fun one minute video on building a simple composting toilet.

Houses of straw – the rediscovery of strawbale building
This excellent video is a trailer for a DVD called “Houses of straw”, shot in Germany.

Sheet mulch garden
This is a quick video on how to sheet mulch a garden bed.

These are some others I found interesting or moving:

Bill Mollison on Permaculture to feed Africa

An overview of the carbon and nitrogen cycles (to answer Bryan’s
during composting)

Coconut Revolution An island native community takes on a Mining company to save their traditional home land, live off of their own ingenuity and the land
for years

To learn about what a food forest is:
Establishing a Food Forest
Food Forest Establishment

Food Forest Vietnam Geoff Lawton

Earthworks Panya

Slake test –  Ray Archuleta

Soil Health – Ray Archuleta Vimeo

A few moments setting up biointensive garden and soil carbon research plot in Panama

Work I did with the El Jardin Bakery