Mary Johnson has been teaching Holistic Management since 2004. She uses the framework developed by Alan Savory as the basis for work with business and farm clients.

Testimonials from Clients

“In some ways I feel as though I am embarking on a new career, interesting and exciting but a little overwhelming.  I am now noticing so many opportunities to promote our business (all the while thinking that we should take this one step at a time) and feeling as though we are missing the boat by not grabbing them…It has been great to work with you.  You have injected enthusiasm and optimism into [my husband] and my conversations about the changes that may take place in our business.  I can’t believe my ears when [he] tells me he can imagine us doing social media marketing!!!! Thanks again,” M.S. – Middlefield, MA

“I am so looking forward to seeing and hearing you instruct the class. I have returned to the class this year and am really enjoying it too. Thank you for taking the time to come North to be the instructor. -Regards, -Lucy,” The Herb Hill Micro-Dairy, Andover, MA

“I cannot thank you enough for your help, support, attention on my business plan. There were times I felt you cared more about it than me! Truly, I appreciate it more than you may ever know.” Cindy Joseph, Yonkers, NY USA

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Whether you are a family farm, a woman owned small business or an aspiring entrepreneur, Watershed Resource Consultants can help you organize your business so you achieve your goals while also maintaining a great quality of life.  We can provide you with one-on-one business management consulting. References available from a variety of small business clients located throughout MA and the NE USA including organic and conventional farms, an artisan bread bakery (, a cosmetic company (, a landscape design firm ( and many others.

From guiding you through an update of your original business plan, to creating a full blown marketing plan, or developing a systematized operating plan, we can help you improve your confidence and your bottom line.  Knowing that you are on the path to increased profitability and exactly what you need to do to get there should also help you sleep at night.

Working with us will help you reach your businesses fullest potential by identifying and then eliminating jog jam problems, building production efficiencies, improving communication and creating an overall  holistic road map for your success, as you define it.

You won’t find this in your normal business planning process

We use Holistic Management principles to guide you, the business owner, and your team, through an organized holistic business planning process where you will outline not only the dollar and cents profit you want to achieve, but also the quality of life you want, and the sustainability you will need to keep the business going strong in the years to come.  By including your team in the process, you will generate a level of commitment from your staff.  They will actually be excited to come to work to help achieve your business goals, you will co-create a functioning small business, and generate more productivity than you ever dreamed possible.

Better Financial Planning to Achieve your Desired Profit

Through customized meetings with you and your farm or business team, we can help you develop a better understanding of your weakest links, which will show you where to spend your precious time and money.  We can help you set up a holistic financial plan where you will identify all your expenses, showing you exactly where you can reduce excessive spending and generate more income, and then we will teach you how to monitor your progress towards your financial goals.  This is what is required so you can actually achieve and plan for a profit, rather than doing what most small businesses do, which is let expenses rise to the level of income, only realizing that mysteriously, your profit has somehow been whisked away at the end of the year, when you pull out your receipts to do your taxes, and it’s too late to fix it.

Building a Better Business and Stronger Overall Asset

We can also help you develop and document your business systems and design and implement a communication plan, all of which will increase the value of your business should you decide to sell it someday.

Group  Classes  Are Also Available by design

Mary Johnson is a Certified Holistic Management Educator and an Associate Consultant for the Savory Institute