MJinStCroixMary E. Johnson

M.S. Plant & Soil Science – University of Massachusetts

B.S. Agriculture – Cornell University

Mary founded Watershed Resource Consultants in 1999.  She has a strong academic and professional history working on climate change mitigation and international development projects. She was Certified in Permaculture Design by Australia’s Geoff Lawton as well as by the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service as a farm conservation planner andby the Savory Center for Holistic Management as a Accredited Associate.  She has over 22 years of project management experience in the public and private sectors including: business planning & entrepreneurial consulting, environmental assessment & rehabilitation, wetlands restoration, field based carbon assessments and farm conservation practices.

She uses Holistic Management and Permaculture design as a basis for her facilitation process in consultations with farmers and business owners.  She lives on her own small farmstead and enjoys working with people who make a living off the land.  She teaches her clients how to develop a business plan that will lead them to the quality of life they desire, and to manage their business for a planned profit, using a functional decision making process that allows the farmer to test their actions against their desired goals as they make tough management choices.

She has traveled and lived independently in international settings and has the skills needed to respond to fast changing circumstances.  She enjoys creating locally led partnerships that demonstrate measurable improvement in quality of life for local stakeholders.  Her passion is working with vulnerable populations, and she strives to create viable adaptive solutions to the challenges posed by climate change.  She speaks Spanish and English.  In the past several years she has worked on projects throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada and the USA.