We have hit the exponential growth point in the curve of climate change, and all around the world, farmers that I work with are intensely aware of the present day realities that climate chaos is wrecking on their lives.  I am truly frightened by the enormity of the destruction we have allowed to advance to this point.  I am hopeful that the human spirit will triumph and we will rise to the challenge and stop this before it is too late.  I must start to act as I’ve finally realized that it may already be to late, and so far, no one else has fixed this.  Will you join me?

I finally realized I must act when I took the time to take a real hard look into the true and real depth of these realities. Now that I have seen them, the only way for me to emotionally and psychologically cope with these realities, is to be brave, stand up, and “Take the Lead” .  I decided rather than lie awake at night full of anxiety, I would be better served using my skills, knowledge and networks to start to fight for an alternative future than the one that current leadership has led us to.

I know I can not do this alone, but I must try.  I can’t sit here and wait for the world that I love to be destroyed by others who don’t see what I see.  I also know there are many, many, many of you out there, who feel as I do.  Together, we can fix this and I think I know how to start.

My seedling Vision for the Dawn of the Era of Regeneration

I know there are plenty of people on this planet today, probably the vast majority, who would love nothing more than to stop this madness today.  That knowledge is why I dare to act.   I know that it was just a handful of humans who got us into this mess,  so I believe that if a few of us put our heads together, we can figure a way out.

I’m not talking about a whole big decades long inter-governmental negotiation process for an abstract concept of trading carbon credits and allowing polluters to keep on polluting, etc. etc.  Government solutions have always been way behind the real innovation and solutions on the planet.  We have to do this  ourselves.  Their process won’t work in time, if at all. Its not focusing on the true root of the problem and that’s us.  Its humans, everyday, run of the mill, people doing what normal people do, but doing it increasingly in ways that are way out of balance with the realities of the natural world.  Since we have created this, the solution has to lie in changing how we behave and what we put our daily actions into changing.

It is time we take control of our destiny and protect what is rightfully ours.  We need to stop hiding behind stories that we are not in control.  This is our life that is at stake.  We must stand up and protect ourselves and stop giving that power over to governments and corporations and greedy individuals.  There just should not be any scenario where we let them continue to be able to destroy, pollute, abuse, and desecrate what is our, with no thought to our rights in the shared gift that is the Earth and its inhabitants. If we unite, we have power, more power than any other entity on this planet.  It is time we realize our power and use it to save ourselves.

With our collective intelligence, creativity, experience, social and financial capital, we have what is needed to make a rapid transformation of society.  We must start now, and we must begin with the steps we are able to take.  We don’t need to know every step of the journey in order to start.   Our path will reveal itself as we make progress.

I envision starting on this path, by putting my energy and resources into supporting areas and people on the planet who already know the truth in what I am saying, and who have already started out on their own paths to take back power and to reclaim the rights that are theirs, and others who are working tirelessly to regenerate their living systems.

I seek to help bring people together to figure this out, and then to spread our ideas and gather others into our network.  Together I know we can begin to make progress on a realistic path forward where individuals and communities become increasingly empowered to act.

I seek to find others with more resources and more energy,  so we can work together to  contribute to a rapid transformation of global systems into a new global paradigm where humans can reclaim the wisdom we evolved with over millennium, wherein we lived in families and communities with cultures that knew how magnificent and sacred the fabric of life is.

I know we have living examples and leaders ready to show us how to embark on a different way.  A way that humans can live in this world today, in ways that make sense within the real bounds of the natural world.

It is time to use all the amazing technology, wealth, and learning we have amassed, to re-establish systems where humans know their place within that delicate fabric of intricately threaded interrelationships of all life.  These leaders are already trying to help us all learn to live in ways that create true justice for the oppressed, and within systems of abundance that can meet our basic needs joyfully while repairing the damage done to the earth, and in ways that serve as an inspiration for rich inner lives where people can feel loved, and cared for, and can live in safety, health, and feel connected to all people and all of creation.

As our collective action takes root, and nodes of vibrant alternative systems emerge, more and more people will join us, and be able to see our progress as the beacon of hope in what otherwise will increasingly feel like a scary and desolate place of absolute powerlessness and ultimate destruction.