This is a whole new world for me. I’m really enjoying delving into the research and musings behind all the various versions of beekeeping wisdom for newbies out there. Today I was directed to this resource, by the Franklin County Beekeepers Association President.

I’m trying to figure out where to get bees to get started with my flow hive. I’m trying to find some that are as local as possible, that have mite resistant genetics, and that were raised without chemical treatments and antibiotics to start my new hive out on a good foot. Reference:

Complete Idiot’s Guide to
(released May 4, 2010,
by Penguin

Kirk Webster of Champlain Valley Bees & Queens seems to have made a long term living example of the potential for this approach.  His bees are sold out for 2016 though, so am still looking for the first bees as the source for my venture into beekeeping. I’m hoping to learn more, go to his bee days in April and July, and do some plantings around my hives to augment the natural pharmacy available to the bees, based on some research that just came out that showed a couple of natural compounds from plants like wild tobacco and ones that contain thymol can improve certain parasite/illness conditions in bees up to 80% .

I’ll keep you posted.