Help spread the word.  We are currently looking for 3 to 4 great people who


want to share a house and homestead and collaborate on permaculture and earth based regenerative businesses.  I am offering some consistent professional mentoring in permaculture design, PDC teaching, and farm business planning to those who come to live here.

For the 3 or 4 who join us here, you will have a room as well as land to farm on.  Together, we will work out how to live and work collaboratively on this 6 acre homestead and you will get the chance to try out your own farm business ideas on the land with support from the rest of us doing the same.  At least 1 PDC will be taught from the site, a for college credit course is scheduled for the summer of 2016.  We have interest in developing a diverse array of farm products, workshops, culinary and tourist events, Shamanic healing ceremonies, and opportunities for home-schoolers and their families.  We are very open to lots of different angles and ideas and have energy to help bring yours to fruition.

We are hoping to find someone with a passion for livestock and rotational grazing, as well as someone who enjoys teaching and farm-based education, coordinating workshops and/or farm tourism, and someone with culinary interests who might like to spearhead some value-added products, to complement the skills and experience of the two of us currently here.  Email me if you want more info and photos of the site.

We estimate housing cost to be around $450USD/month per person, but you get to keep all that you earn from your business to help offset this cost.

There are 3-4 residential positions left, and participants will live together starting in early 2016.  Learning the fundamentals of good permaculture design will be integral to the planning phase over the winter, as we begin co- managing the 6 acres while working on developing individual permaculture/farm business with assistance from the other participants.  Non-residential participation is also possible.  The training will include a Permaculture Design Certificate course, as well as PDC teaching experience, livestock and perennial farming, and opportunities to work alongside international permaculture designers in real world projects.