From a new single momma friend and aspiring homesteader traveling in Fiji with her kids:
Oh, speaking of homesteads, are you interested in off grid power options? I am building a solar power system piece meal. My priority is a lighting system, followed by a panel setup for appliances. Buying a $20-30k system is out of the question right now so I am focusing on small solutions. I found some of the coolest small solar lighting systems out here. There are thing produced by American companies but not sold in the USA?!?! Nokero, Barefoot Power, and Greenlight Planet. Sold in India, Australia, New Zealand (and Fiji).
I put together a lighting system that will brightly light 7 average size rooms for about $200. It consists of 7 stand alone Sun King Pro Solar lanterns each with its own small solar panel. They can be used like desk or side table lights or ceiling mounted. I like the idea of a system that won’t fail because one module goes bad. I’ve been playing with mine and just one of the lights fully illuminates the hotel room we are staying in. And one days charge gave me 30 hours of light. The advertising and photos of the lights don’t do them justice.
I haven’t bought my property yet, so this is a little premature, but I won’t be able to get these so cheaply and easily later These were about USD $38 each and are very good quality.