Letter from Umass Permaculture Academic Program Coordinator and link to video about his success in getting permaculture going on campus.

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy September. I know we all live incredibly busy lives, but if you have a spare 5-minutes, please consider watching this short video which describes how I’ve spent (nearly all!) of my energy during the past 2 years of my life. It is entitled, “Growing a Model Sustainable Campus” and as many of you know, a powerful video can sometimes be a catalyst for enormous global change.

Here the Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FJPJ5DyMc4
Here is my blog post about the video launch: http://ryanharb.org/2012/09/01/growing-a-model-sustainable-campus-umass-permaculture-documentary-part-3/

Our team’s goal (and friendly challenge from the university) is to achieve 50,000 Youtube views by September 15, 2012. If that happens, our sponsors will donate enough money to fund permaculture designs and and installations (material costs and labor covered) for 4 local schools!
After watching, I hope you’ll consider posting this video link on any blogs you might have and social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Feel free to go a step further and e-mail it any family, friends and colleagues who might also want to help us spread this video far and wide.

Thanks for all each of you do and for considering this request to help create the ripple effect in other communities worldwide.

Much appreciation,

Ryan Harb, MS, LEED AP

Permaculture Academic Program Coordinator

Stockbridge School of Agriculture &

Auxiliary Enterprises Partnership

University of Massachusetts Amherst

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