Hi all, This e-mail is being sent to my list of my closest permaculture contacts. I just wanted to let you know about this documentary that I am involved in. We have been working with an incredible film crew that does HIGHEST quality film and production on their films. This film is already shot. The long and expensive part is done and paid for. Our goal is to have it all paid for, including the production and editing before it ever comes out so that we can give it away free to the world right away. Thus, we are fundraising for it.

The reason I am writing to you is not to solicit your contributions, but because I thought you may think it was a great idea to have a super high quality tropical permaculture film free for the world, and you might be willing to share the campaign with your contacts. If we can get 530 ten dollar donations, its done. It will be registered with creative commons license and given free to all!

Check out the campaign here:

Please share it on your networks, tweet it, e-mail it, and mention it in your courses. (If you want to, of course.)

Thanks all, and thanks for what you do!
Christian Shearer

Crowd Funding Environmental Change