Follow Colin and Tom as they start their own permaculture adventures, as they try their hand at some new farm enterprises on the farm in Ashfield this season.

Solid Footing Farm

Another week has flown-by up in the Berkshires, and Tom and I suddenly realized that we need to keep better track of what’s going on up here at least for our own memories. The week was full of transitions, firsts, more dead chicks than we’d like to admit, rabbits, and a healthy dose of farm visits.

You heard right, we got rabbits. We originally were planning on starting a meat goat-rearing operation, but realized that neither of us really like goats (we still have bad memories of them breaking into our yards and eating our vegetable gardens in Malawi). Instead, we moved forward with another project that we had originally put on the back burner for another week this month and bought rabbits.

We traveled down to Granby in the Valley (the Connecticut River Valley) to visit with Jackie, a woman who’s been living and farming on the same land…

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