Tom and Colin are learning about farming by starting their own farm business with mentoring from local farmers, and assisting with preparations for the 2012 Ashfield Permaculture Design course as worktrade students. Follow their progress through their blog.

Solid Footing Farm

It’s a beautiful day here in Ashfield, the temperature is a crisp 47 degrees, and I’m enjoying it by sitting inside and writing my first blog post.

Just because I’m in here doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of work to do. Tom and I already have our first batch of chickens, which are already out exploring the world, foraging, and supplementing their organic feed with grubs, greens, and whatever else they can find in the yard. We’ve only been here a week and have already discovered the joys of sitting and watching the chicks scratch, dust-bathe, forage, play-fight, and simply be chickens. Hopefully, we’ll have some pictures of the chicks romping-around the yard soon.

These chickens are a breed known as Freedom Rangers, born a few weeks ago in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. This breed is derived from both American and European old heritage breeds and was developed in the 1960’s…

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