One of my housemates here in Peru is producing this important video about the ongoing struggle of indigenous peoples in the Amazon, who are trying to protect themselves from the exploitation of international corporations, greed, and corruption. They are trying to raise funds to finish the full length documentary that they’ve been working on for 4 years, and are presenting it to activists and ngo’s in Washington, DC this weekend to try to spread the use of the film to others who can help communities around the world who are struggling for their rights and lives. Please “share” with others and “like” their page on facebook as it will help them get support to finish the project The indigenous leader featured in the film, is facing trial because of confrontations in Bagua where indigenous protestors and police were killed, and faces up to25 years in prison if convicted.

When Two Worlds Collide (trailer) from Yachaywasi Films on Vimeo.

When Two Worlds Collide: A hazardous journey of an Amazonian leader confronting the rules of the globalization game created by developed countries in order to protect corporate interests. With the Rainforest facing peril, this apocalyptic story presents two colliding visions that shape the climate future of our world.

I’ve also been working in this same area on issues related to Brazil’s partnership with Peru to build many hydro electric dams that will flood out indigenous and local communities, and destroy important migratory fish passageways that provide food for many people and ecosystems far up into the Andeas, and out to the sea on the coast of Brazil.

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Illegal gold mining in this area is responsible for destroying thousands of hectares of floodplain forest, contaminating the river with mercury, polluting towns, enslaving young indigenous girls into prostitution, and bioaccumulating mercury in predatory fish which are then eaten by people all along the river. The mercury is already at toxic levels dangerous to humans who consume them.  Virtually nothing is being done by the government.  The gold is so lucrative, corruption is rampant.  International pressure is needed to make the government act.