I found this resource a number of years ago and it taught me a ton about animal behavior. For anyone who is managing livestock, it’s a must read, especially if you are using them to manage your land, or want to.

Foraging Behavior: Managing to Survive
in a World of Change;Behavioral Principles for Human, Animal, Vegetation, and Ecosystem Management

“This 62-page booklet produced for NRCS is filled with information and case studies about grazing animals and forage resource management. It can be ordered online from the USU Bookstore (link opens in new window) or viewed in PDF format. A companion DVD can also be ordered from the USU bookstore. It’s great. The online booklet can be viewed for free on the web at: http://www.behave.net/products/booklet.html

Staying abreast of the latest solar fencing technology seems to be another key to profitable and enjoyable livestock management.  One of the companies who I really respect, and whose equipment seems to be top notch according to some of the best rotational grazing manager’s I’ve met,  is Ghallager, more info and product pictures are available here:  http://www.gallagherusa.com/

If you are thinking of trying rotational grazing in any form, and I highly recommend you give it a try if you want to improve your profitability and the quality of your land, plants, animals and your own enjoyment of your operation, take a look at the Ghallager tumble wheel and quick temporary fence components – they can make moving animals from one paddock into another a simple task that can be completed in minutes by one person.  Especially the quick wind Reels  http://www.gallagherusa.com/electric-fencing/portable.components.aspx?mktcatid=67 and the Tumble Wheel http://www.gallagherusa.com/electric-fencing/portable.component.aspx?mktprodid=771

These temporary fencing components allow the manager the greatest flexibility and lowest up front infrastructure costs to get a functional rotation up and running quickly and leave room for trial and error before committing large amounts of time and money to permanent fence lines.