Simplified Holistic Management terms For: permaculture students/farmers/international groups

Whole Under Management = List of All Resources Available to the business/farm/project

Holistic Goal: What you are managing your lifes towards?
1. Quality of Life = List of Shared Family Values or ways you want to live
2. Forms of Productions = List What you need to produce to have the life you say you want
3. Future Resource Base (List what you need your land, community, & relationships to be like in the future to ensure your needs/goals can be met forever)

Testing Questions
Cause & Effect: Does this action address the root of the problem? Or if it’s an opportunity, ask why do you want to take this opportunity?

Weak Link:

Social – Will this action piss anyone off (whose good-will you need)?

Biological – Will this fix the problem by attacking the weakest point in the lifecycle of the critter/weed you are trying to address, or help it at it’s most vulnerable stage if you are trying to enhance it?
Financial-Are you using your $ and time to fix the problem that is most in need of attention (growing product, processing it, marketing it, selling it). Are you addressing the bottleneck that’s keeping you from making the highest potential income? Are you making more product than you can sell? Do you need more customers than you have? Do you need to convert more of your raw material into product? Which one of these three is your biggest bottleneck?

Marginal Reaction: Between two choices, which one goes further towards getting you to achieve your goals?

Gross Profit Analysis: Which enterprise of these two, earns the most towards covering your overhead costs

Energy, Money, Source & Use: Is this choice the best way you can use your energy/money, and is it derived from the best source according to your family values?  Are you comfortable with the source, and is it an addictive use?
Sustainability: Does this action get you where you want to go and take you towards your overall goals for the long term while meeting your family values and protecting your farm & resources into the future?

Society & Culture /Gut Check: What does your gut/intuition tell you to do?  How do you feel about this decision?  Will you sleep well at the end of the day having made this decision?